Check out this week's top startup news stories in Latin America: April 12 - 18
Competitions, Accelerators & Hackathons 👾
Nearshore Americas
The accelerator is hopeful that the incentives, along with the opportunities to interact with and recruit talent at local universities, will make companies remain on the island for decades to come.
Are you the next foodtech sensation? Startupbootcamp announced the launch of its new acceleration call and 11 events across the globe for foodtech companies.
For its sixth call, Imagine Lab will have two funds to invest in tech startups at different stages of development.
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Funding News 💰
After launching CRIATEC 3, the largest Brazilian fund focus on early-stage Brazilian technology companies, BNDES and INSEED Investimentos have R$220M in capital and aim to support entrepreneurship and innovation across Brazil over the next four years. 
CGTN America
Known as Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara is now also being recognized as Mexico’s Silicon Valley. Almost $120 million has been invested in over 300 local startups in the state of Jalisco since 2014. 
Must Reads 📖
Netshoes was founded in 2000 and has quickly gone from small high street retailer to Brazil's biggest online startup success story, with investments from several investment funds prior to its IPO and more than 2500 staff in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, 300 of which in technology alone.
What’s your idea of Puerto Rico? Beaches? Rum? Parties? Ok, you’re not wrong. But the Caribbean island with a population of a little over three million also has another secret: its workforce. 
Kio Networkd and Softekk top the list of successful Mexican tech companies. However, the country still lags behind in number and value of startups when compared to Brazil and Argentina.
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