Check out the latest startup news stories in Latin America: August 1 - 9
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Miami Herald
Today, Oasis offers 2,400 properties in 22 markets worldwide, and the Miami-based company recently received significant funding from Hyatt.
Juvo wants to help mobile users in emerging markets improve their financial standing by combining data and identity to provide micro-loans. The company started out by serving Latin American markets, but has been gradually expanding to other parts of the world, including Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. 
New Launches, Acquisitions & Expansions 🚀
Transire’s costs are lower given its location in the Free Trade Zone of Manaus, a city that is the only one of its kind in Brazil, and smack in the middle of the jungle. The company, also benefiting from the nation’s worst-ever recession forcing clients to seek cheaper terminals, is working over the competition.
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500 Startups: Latam
Take your startup to the next level with 500 Startups! The application process is now open for the 16-week seed program in Mexico City.
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Launchway Media
To keep up on the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem in Latin America, we’ve gathered some of the top startups, exchanges, and companies in the region that you need to know.
Nathan Lustig
As one of the most challenging places to do business in the world, operating a business in Brazil is no easy feat. But for companies that do take the leap, Brazil can be the ultimate prize for anyone doing business in Latin America. Here’s an overview of the current opportunities and challenges of doing business in Brazil today.
The New York Times
Young Puerto Ricans are coming back to the island or staying put — with an entrepreneurial spirit that upends a narrative of dependency.
Mexico IT
Mexico has overtaken Brazil in the race to lead the Latin American financial technology market, with the country adding as many as 80 startups to its fintech ecosystem in the last 10 months.
The SaaS market in Brazil is booming. It mirrors the rapid adoption of SaaS as the dominant cloud computing type in a global public cloud services market.
Nathan Lustig
Santiago Zavala's involvement in his own Mexico-based startup accelerator and then transitioning into running 500 Startups in Mexico has given him a wealth of experience and insight into what it takes for a startup in Latin America to be successful. It’s an intriguing conversation you won’t want to miss.
Seedstars breaks down the tech ecosystem from Santiago to Puerto Montt.
Red Herring
Tech is playing a big role in Tijuana's revolution and new startups have begun convincing venture capitalists and government leaders that the scene is more than a fad. 
NBC News
In Puerto Rico, the entrepreneurial initiative Parallel 18 has entrepreneurs to the island, many young, and they are generating solid revenue and generating jobs.
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