Check out the latest startup news stories in Latin America: June 15 - 25
Competitions, Accelerators & Hackathons 👾
Start-Up Chile
The S Factory, a pre-acceleration program in Start-Up Chile, opened a new application process until June 27th. Selected startups will receive USD $15K equity free and participate for four months.
Visa's Everywhere Initiative wants to foster the development of new payment offerings in the region using its APIs.
New Launches, Acquisitions & Expansions 🚀
Cryptobuyer installed the first Bitcoin ATMs in a commercial bank as it announced plans for expansion, ICO, and the new Blockchain Academy Latam.
Must Reads 📖
The Crossing Borders Podcast
Don't miss the latest episode of The Crossing Borders podcast by Nathan Lustig featuring an interview with our Co-Founder, Nora Leary, about her journey from the US to Africa to starting Launchway Media in Latin America.
Argentina voted unanimously to approve legislation supporting entrepreneurial activity growth in the country. NXTP Labs breaks down every detail of the new Entrepreneur Law.
Nearshore Americas
Mexican startup accelerators have become common, but not all of them offer enough support to incubate success. ITESM is looking to change that.
The stats on immigrant entrepreneurship and its contribution to the U.S. economy are truly staggering. Research shows that one-third of U.S. venture-backed companies that went public between 2006 and 2012 had at least one immigrant founder.
Vindi and Smartbill announced this week that they're joining forces to consolidate the payments market in the services sector in Latin America.
Globally, an estimated 2 billion adults lack access to formal financial services. To address this gap, fintech startups are offering online and mobile solutions, which consumers are welcoming. 
In an interview with Let’s Talk Payments published in Portuguese, the CEO and co-founder of the accelerator, Alan Leite talks about the startups environment, the partnership with Google, and the Fintech market in Brazil.
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